Conditions and Costs

I charge 120€ per session (50’)*.

Online sessions are also available.


*In case your symptoms can be classified as a mental disorder according to ICD-10 it is possible to get a refund by your Austrian health insurance. Depending on your insurance the refund ranges from 29€ to 50€ per session.


Psychotherapy usually begins with a non-binding initial consultation in which you can get to know me and my way of working and describe your concerns to me. For psychotherapy to be successful, it is important that the patient and the therapist form a trusting and sustainable relationship. After the initial consultation, you can decide whether you feel comfortable and well understood.


There are no strict guidelines concerning the duration of psychotherapy. The frequency and duration of therapy sessions can be adapted to your personal needs. Weekly or bi-weekly appointments are common. However, please notice that you might need some patience with yourself. Personal issues and personality patterns that took a long time to develop sometimes need more time to change than expected.


I am strictly bound to confidentiality. Everything you share with me, stays with me.


Please notice that our meetings are exclusively reserved for you. Therefore, I charge the full price for appointments that have not been canceled 48h before.